Conversational ads and your business

At present, companies are more inclined to focus their marketing strategies towards online marketing and advertisement. This strategy includes a number of different proposed methods and styles that addresses individualized business concerns.In the utilization of such online marketing strategies and advertisements it is of utmost importance to ascertain that there is an ongoing mutual communication between the company’s representatives and its target

Having a healthy and continuously mutual communication and relationship between a business and its market will result in constant and continuous return of investment.But the pressing question is, how does a business or a company who is being promoted and marketed online achieve a mutually healthy communication relationship with its customers?Most companies that advertise online through their website create a number of communication channels for their customers to reach them. Websites can either be passive or active communicators or both on behalf of a business or a company.

A passive communication channel refers to website contents like blogs, articles and other traffic driving schemes. These options provide in depth information about the company, its products, services and many more. It can also provide reinforcements through blogs and testimonials that serve as a promotion as well. The reason why it is considered as passive is because it does not require or open any means of communication for the customers.
On the other hand, there is the active communication channel where customers both old and new will have an opportunity to inquire, suggest, comment and request. The latest form of active communication channel is a live chat box or chat supports in a business website that can immediately address concerns and provide a more in depth and personalized

The latter type of communication does not only increase the revenues, but establishes strong trust and belief in the service and reliability of the company. This in turn can be equated to continuous revenue and revenue from referrals.
There is also the aggressive type of communication channel where the company decides to be more pro-active by sending important advices, notices, promotions, updates and many more related information to current customers and future ones as well.

Moving much further to present times, emails, chat support and other forms of communication is not the current trend. Rather, there are cellphone applications for smart phones that provide the same type of service and communication but only faster and more accessible.
Cell phone applications are designed to address customized needs, even without live support by categorizing concerns and breaking it down into a more specific data to be able to provide a more accurate response. These categories come out on a drag down or multiple choice format and many more. Current up to date applications are more responsive and offer other formats and options that caters to a more in depth type of service.
Most applications also require registration, which are mostly free of charge. The intention of this registration is to collect important personal data of customers and inquirers for a pro-active communication set up. Personal birthday greeting is one good pro-active communication move that promotes the business and helps increase trust and loyalty of customers.

A highly researched and steadfast marketing strategy will only be consistent with results if it will function within an existing company’s program and not a stand-alone program. Being part of an existing and established program will strengthen the marketing program even more.
In making a multi-channel communication approach, there should be assigned personnel who will perform the task at all time. Delay in response plays a huge role in the success or failure of this program. One day response process is the longest time delay for this communication program.

Another strong option will be the social media channel which allows interactive communication channel as well. People are mostly on this platform and the fastest and easiest way to reach target market will be through this channel. At some point, social media plays a link to the company’s website allowing the market to know more about the products and services.The multi-channel approach will definitely fill in the gaps for any communication lapses and this will boost any company’s chance to not only survive the industry but to flourish as well.

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